Thursday, August 27, 2009

GUEST BEER August 27th Hoptober!

New Belgium "Hoptober" . Got this today here in Kennesaw. I'm not a huge fan of the NB krew... but... i do like this beer alot. It's very pale... but some real hard malt kick... and it's very hoppy. I don't know the specs on the thing... but here's a few links. HERE and HERE

Sunday, August 16, 2009


the Repitch of champagne yeast worked...and the beer is carbonated great. it's now about 6 months old.. and the reviews are coming in.

Fighting Joe EXPLODES

Well... the Raspberry Hefe is gone... in a POW. over carbonated beer at more than 75 degrees storage will explode. RIP Fighting Joe Raspberry! I will keg from now on... and use my Beer Gun to counter presser fill those bastards.

BEEN AWAY. Work. What a drag.

Ok. it's been awhile since i posted here on the blog. i was immersed in a huge HD workflow/shoot/edit/deliver. some beer... and... i did get a kegerator. so i was happy. the image above is the blast fan i was using to settle my laptop's operating temperature down so it wouldn't kick on me. ugh.

Then there's this. At SEC Media Day. (i was working on a hour long College Football show ... see a sample here.)

but that picture above goes down as one of the best mic stands ever. ha.

i'm back to brewing starting tomorrow. going to the homebrew store.

GUEST BEER August 16th RACER 5

Bear Republic's Racer 5. A killer IPA from California. Got this on a recent trip to Asheville. Word has it... that it might be coming here to Georgia.


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