Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fightin Joe's Party Hefe #2 Bottled.

More Hooker Luv! This time it's Raspberry. 2 pounds of fresh raspberries purree'd and added at secondary fermentation. This wheat ale is completed hopped with amarillo hops.

kegged 1 gallon. Bottled 48 12oz's

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tecumseh's Fire Strong Ale

Kegged this strong ale today. OG 1091... FG 1015. ABV 10.0 percent. I'm gonna make limited bottles of this one using the Beer Gun counter pressure filler set up i've bought and have been
working with. Forced carbed at 30PSI... Will let stand for a week... then cool.... then hit the bottles.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BEER TRIPPIN # 3 Furthermore "Knot Stock"

Grabbed a sixer of this too. Furthermore's "Knot Stock" a black peppered pale ale. what a great idea for a beer. it's spicy and really interesting. i love this one.

BEER TRIPPIN # 2 Ale Asylum "Ambergeddon"

Thanks to a tip from Dan from Killdozer... this a beer that makes me love Wisconsin MORE!
Ale Asylum in Madison is a small brew pub/package brewery that produces and delivers in small quanities to the immediate Madison area. I scored this at LE CORK in Mt. Horeb on the way to the House on the Rock.
A layer of yeast in the bottom.... a good sign that it is done "homebrew" style... it's a sweet hard beer similar to Sierra Nevada's pale ale times 2... maybe 200... i love this beer.... and just LOOK at that label !whoot!

BEER TRIPPIN #1 Founder's "Cerise"

I'm posting alot from my recent trip to NW Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Here's a review of a beer i got there...and smuggled back home to the cabin in the Georgia mountains.

Founder's Cerise

"Using only fresh Michigan tart cherries, this beauty tantalizes with intense flavors combined with a no hesitation malt bill. Adding fresh cherries at five separate stages of fermentation achieves the ultimate balance between tartness and sweetness. "

from the Founder's website. Been a fan of this Grand Rapids' brewery for awhile now. Awesome beers... now ... i grabbed a 4 pack of their cherry ale. It's tart... subtle... and pretty good. It's a hard sell when i just had a bottle of New Glarus' Wisconsin Red.... but it stands up. I'm debating a cherry beer... here for myself. hmmm.


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