Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Chocolate HEZECHIAH

The Chocolate Hezechiah. A Chocolate IPA. High grav... and GOOD. art work here.. and promo images.

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NEW Band Beers.. and Rufus The Looter!

RUFUS THE LOOTER.. named for first reconstruction governor of GEORGIA... it's a Bourbon soaked aged Stock Ale.. Cold filtered and about 15% ABV

Made for the band Saccharine Trust. This is the IPA we have dreamed of. (The latest in the Cannon Dragger R &D projects).. Limited.

Working with Don Bolles... more to come.. prototype art.


Thank you Tom Hazelmyer. please go to FACEBOOK.. or our WEBSITE .

Monday, February 14, 2011


About The Brewery

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We are a Nano Brewery opening November 2011 in Kennesaw GA. I'm a Beer Drinker. Punk Rock Record Collector. Football watcher. Ex TvNewsPatriot.