Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey... i'm around

HEY. still here. work busy. Football picks are a disgrace. I got KILLED this past weekend.  atleast the Falcons and the Bears won. 

more soon. i have a ton of beer and punk news. 

also i'm in the process of building stage 3 of the brewery. Full on Mash/Lauter Tun. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smuttynose IPA

SMUTTYNOSE FINDESTKIND IPA. A beer that may soon be here in GA. I got this is Delaware over the holidaze...and i'm drinking one now. Bitter... flowers... lack of head. It holds the taste thru the process of the drink. (ha... nice one huh?). I dunno if the head thing is my shitty glassware (a French Broad pint glass!) but it's still digging deep here into the palate minutes after. A lemon linger.


Whatever that can be said of Soundgarden after the "success" hit, their 1986-90 output was great stuff. 3 parts Zeppelin, 2 parts Butthole Surfers and 1 loving part of sweet Sabbath, This 45 is a cherished part of my collection.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lacking on the PICKs.

The holidaze had me away from the PC.
BUT... i was stoked the FALCONS won.
BUT... Bummed the Bears LOST

120 Minute IPA. The Slayer of IPA

Delaware. The First State. The Home of NO SALES TAX. Home to Joe Biden and great revolutionary war hero Cesar Rodney.
Screw all that cos it's also the home of the DOGFISH HEAD Brewery.
at almost 20% ABV... it's the most hardest rocking beer you can imagine... like... um SLAYER!
Part of my visit to my home area.. the Delmarva Penninsula... I bought some back with me to the Peach State...

The Mid East Coaches Tour CURSE!

Well Damn. I went on a video shoot with my lil' HD Cam over the summer. Following 5 NCAA coaches on a meet and greet tour with the US Troops in UAE/Bahrain/Qatar and aboard the USS Nassau in the Persian Gulf. It was a great experience and I shot some pretty compelling images during the trip. It was awesome for me...as a photojournalist....it was great for the troops.... being able to get autographs with the likes of Charlie Weis... Mark Richt... and (seen above) Tommy Tuberville. Now.. the bad part... the seasons for the coaches who went on the trip has been less than stellar. In some cases... almost job ending.

1. Charlie Weis. Lord... it has been HELLISH in the Irish camp.
2. Mark Richt. beat by Alabama. Florida and GA Tech. Not a great season for a team that entered the BCS at number 1
3. Tommy Tuberville. after holding up SEVEN fingers... (see pic above) to mike light of a flag football victory in the Middle East...(the image above is from my video)... He gets killed by 'Bama in the Iron Bowl...
4. Yale's Jack Sieldecki.... loses the biggest game of the year to Harvard
5. Randy Shannon is coming off ok... with a ton of losses... even to GA Tech.


Curses are REAL!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Tgiving. i'm in delaware with the family. good beer stories to tell when i return below the mason dixon line.

Dogfish Head.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Sometimes it's better to slam the point home... huh?

it's 1:40 AM in Mineral Bluff GA.

A cigar and a beer. (a Dogfish Pumpkin)... I turn to Youtube and type in what I wanna hear... and see.   

This is AMAZING....Transforming himself and his sound... (with help from jah womble and Keith Levene) Johnny Rotten ... takes a history breaking stance.... this is SO good.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Double Bastard tale is TRUE!

It's here...it's huge. 10.5 % alcohol and chewy. The Stone Double Arrogant Bastard is in fact in Georgia. Beverage Resort on Barrett has it. 6.99 for a 22oz bomber bottle.

Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster OAKED on tap.

The Highlands Grill's very own hep cat bartender... Bert... holds a glass of the Terrapin OAKED aged Big Hoppy Monster. It's a limited keg of a limited beer... so rush over. Tell Bert you saw him here. Ask him about his performances protraying Rod Stewart.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Brewmeister's Picks. Early for a change.

I'm a bit early this week. Planning on how I want to be PC-less for the weekend, better get them done now.

1. New York/New England... The Jets X
2. Denver/Atlanta... The Falcons X
3. Baltimore/New York ... The Giants X
4. Minnesota/Tampa Bay... The Buccaneers X
5. Oakland/Miami... The Dolphins X
6. Detroit/Carolina... The Panthers X
7. Philadelphia/Cincinnati... The Eagles X
8. Chicago/Green Bay... Da Bears X
9. New Orleans/Kansas City... The Saints X
10. Houston/Indianapolis... The Colts X
11. St. Louis/San Francisco... The 49er's X

12. Arizona/Seattle... The Cardinals X
13. Tennessee/Jacksonville... The Jaguars X
14. San Diego/Pittsburgh... The Steelers X
15. Dallas/Washington... The Redskins X
16. Cleveland/Buffalo... The Bills. X

I was 10/14 last week... here goes.

UPDATE. I went 11/16. i'm counting the Tie in the philadelphia game as a win ok? The bears sucked. The falcons blew it.

Punk Rock Jukebox #4

Tales of Terror's first lp from 1984. Just about as nasty skate metal punk you could ever imagine.

thanks to LASTDAYS blog

Rumor Mill

Stone DOUBLE BASTARD is on it's way here to Atlanta.
we'll see. Alot of buzz on the Beer Advocate boards.

On The Shelves NOW

Red Hook's DOUBLE BLACK STOUT. Snapped this during my recent trip to Green's on Ponce.

I haven't had this year's version... but historical tastings have been legendary.

I love the idea of beer and coffee... "Hey pal! Wake up to pass out!"

This is first on my list when we land in Mineral Bluff tonight.

Punk Rock Library #1

LIVE AT THE MASQUE by Brendan Mullen.
A photo book full of the birth of west coast punk featuring X, Go Go's, Dickies, Bags, Eyes, Black Randy & the Metro Squad, Plugz, Skulls, Controllers and more. Mullen, who also wrote We Got The Neutron Bomb a oral history of punk on the left side of the US, has put this tome together.
I can't tell you how vital this book is. It's on my shelf!
PUNK ROCK LIBRARY... like PUNK ROCK JUKEBOX is a constant blog entry here on BHB. Life is barely more than beer., ya know?

Merry Freaking Xmas.

Hey. This was outside GREENS' on Ponce two days ago. Guess what I got.

The piney not so winey Anchor Christmas is here.

Of course... I had to drink one as soon as I got home. (No... I've never drank a beer in the car...while I was the driver ok?).

Another awesome addition to the Anchor stable of year after year legacy beers.

Cheers and Merry Xmas...6 weeks early.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Punk Rock Jukebox #3

The Victims "Television Addict" Another from my collection.
"Television Addict" was the A-side of the debut single by The Victims, an early punk rock band from Perth, Western Australia. The song is a mainstay of compilations of Australian punk from the 1970s, and has been recorded by the Hoodoo Gurus, You Am I, The Hellacopters and Teengenerate.
It was co-written
[1] by singer-guitarist Dave Faulkner (known at the time as Dave Flick) and drummer James Baker. The slow, menacing, bass line, played by Rudolph V (Dave Cardwell), is also a prominent feature of the recording. The Victims released the single independently in late 1977 or early 1978 (sources vary), with "I'm Flipped Out Over You" on the B-side.
Lyrically, "Television Addict" revolves around a youth "who went out and shot someone", and whose lawyer then attributes his actions to
violence on television: "blame the ratings for his crime." The song is, in large part, a satirical comment on the tendency to blame popular culture for crime, rather than individuals, or broader social problems. The song ends by questioning why other social phenomena are not attributed to TV programs: "just because I watch Dinah Shore, doesn't mean my brain has slipped, doesn't mean anything — at all."
The band broke up in 1979. During the mid-1980s, Baker and Faulkner were briefly reunited in the
Hoodoo Gurus, who sometimes performed "Television Addict" as an encore. The Hoodoo Gurus (without Baker) later recorded "Television Addict", and issued it as a bonus track on Crank (2005 re-issue).'
that was from wikipedia... can't say much more. other than it could be the coolest song ever.

Beer Out Of Town!

BEERS I had while in NW Illinois over the weekend.
Nothing is better than going to an area that actually HAS beer I've been meaning to try.
here's what i had.
1. Sprecher's PIPER scotch ale. see pic above... it was solid.
2. Goose Island IPA ... yes. good.
3. New Holland's Mad Hatter's IPA ... tangy baby.
4. Moylan's Kilt Kicker Scotch ale... again... good stuff.
5. Three Floyd's Gumballhead... never heard of it... but liked it like all Three Floyds' stuff.
6. Bell's Oberon ... great to see Bell's in Chicago again.. coming to GA soon.. I hear.
Going to Delaware for Tgiving. It's a Dogfish Head throwdown!

Brewmeister's Picks... kinda late.

HEY... here was my view as I froze and watched the TITANS .... beat the BEARS on sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago.

My picks were done last thursday... i just didnt get a chance to post them cos i was travelling. here they are...and i did pretty well. 10/14! a personal high!

1 Denver/Cleveland .... The Browns x
2. Tennessee/Chicago... The Bears X
3. Jacksonville/Detroit ... The Jaguars X
4. Baltimore/Houston ... The Ravens X
5. Buffalo/New England ... The Patriots X
6. New Orleans/ Atlanta ... The Falcons X
7. Seattle/Miami ... The Dolphins X
8. Green Bay /Minnesota... The Packers X
9. St. Louis/New York... The Jets X
10. Carolina/Oakland... The Panthers X
11. Indianapolis/Pittsburgh... The Colts X
12. Kansas City/San Diego X
13. New York/Philadelphia X
14. San Francisco/Arizona X

whoo hoo! see ya next week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The BISH. Update.

This afternoon's pouring of The FIGHTING BISHOP was pretty freaking good. Great head... clear.. taste defined exactly on level with an Abbey Style. WOW. I'm happy.

The latest on OLD WOODEN HEAD... the keg is gone...all known bottles emptied. Next brewing batch will be OWH 2.0 ... revised.

But is he a beer drinker?

the Denver brew pub Wyncoop ... a friend of my boy Mr. Hooper... came out with this German style maibock last month... not a great beer.. from the reviews I've read... but... hey... he won the fricking election huh? the question now? does he drink beer? my guess... alcohol of the presidents...

1. NIXON.... Gin ... lots of it.
2. CLINTON.... Red Bull and vodka. you know ...bill is "stupid fresh" and ready to party.
3. BUSH 1.... Peppermint Schnapps... Barb's drink.
4. FORD ... Seagram's VO
5. REAGAN... Schweppes and a hint of whiskey... Nancy measured the shots.
6. CARTER... Southern Comfort.
7. EISENHOWER... JAGER! ... raided from Adolf's bunker.
8. TRUMAN.. White Lightning... the buck stopped there.
9. KENNEDY.... he never looked... what ever Frank poured.
10. BUSH 2.... Rove's Kool Aid Cider... hmmm mmmm... bad.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Brewmeister's Picks 11/2

Well... I did a bit better last week. 9/14... is much better than two weeks of 7/14.
So here goes.
1.New York/Buffalo.... The Bills X
2.Detroit/Chicago .... The Bears X
3. Jacksonville/Cincinnati.... The Jaguars X
4. Baltimore/Cleveland ....The Ravens X
5. Green Bay / Tennessee .... The Packers X
6. Arizona/St. Louis.... The Cardinals X
7. Miami/Denver.... The Dolphins X
8. Atlanta/Oakland.... The Falcons X
9. Philadelphia/Seattle.... The Eagles X
10. New England/Indianapolis.... The Patriots X
11. Pittsburgh/Washington... The Redskins X
12. Tampa Bay/Kansas City.... The Buccaneers X
13. Houston/Minnesota.... The Vikings X
14. Dallas/ New York.... The Giants.X
ok? let's see how i do.

UPDATE Tuesday... 9/14 again. this week was a pretty easy one... so I can't say i'm happy. The only real one i'm proud of calling is the Denver Miami game. DUH!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


"We Got The Neutron Bomb" B/W "Solitary Confinement"

What else can be said about this amazing 1978 release from the LA label Dangerhouse ? Both songs are powerful... tuneful... and defined a sound that would eventually become the basis for power punk. Combining The Who with Motorhead... and a touch of Iggy and The Stooges, The Weirdos were a start to a new sound.
Grab the tunes at the links above...and see I'm right.
Another 45 in my beloved collection.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrate... The BEER!

Well... It's that time of the year. The year ender festive beers are starting to show up in the stores. Above, is the picture I took this AM at the Green's on Ponce here in the city of Atlanta.

For those who don't know CELEBRATION ALE is one of the best beers I've ever had...and plan to ever have.
I had my first CA in the fall of 1992... that's the date i can remember...and have gotten at least a 6 pack of it every year. Despite being in the pre 6% Georgia... i would have it shipped...a friend would drive to Florida... and i would drive to Delaware... It's that of dedication that a great beer brings out in all of us.

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008. Season's Beatings.
The building above is the American Brewery in Baltimore. The Creepiest Coolest Brewery EVER!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Don't Know DICK! (Yuengling ...That is!)

YUENGLING now in Atlanta Stores.
The classic central Pennsylvania brewery ...located on the same spot in Pottsville since 1829... has the title as America's Oldest Brewery. Long considered a "treasure " to have it here in Georgia... after trips up north ... It's on the shelves in Atlanta as of Monday the 27th.
I met Dick Yuengling on a visit to the brewery in 1993. Driving a 88 LeBaron up to the gate, the ancestor and still head of the biz, Yuengling invited my homebrewing pal and I into the factory. It was pretty cool... and well... the store was a pub...and t shirts were cheap...and the samples were 16oz and free. The brewery itself was an old red brick mansion built back into the mountains that surrounded the town... alot like the Elsinore Brewery from the now classic "Strange Brew".
That said... the beers that we will be drinking this week (and weeks to come) were not made in this galant palace of history... but in the newly purchased Stroh's brewery in Tampa. Made by Yuengling... but in Florida. It's a drag... a bit of a let down... but still.... it's ok.
The beers that i've read are here. The LAGER ...as is THE PREMIUM ....and the BLACK and TAN.
Reached today by cell phone, native PA resident...now Atlantan... Dan Reilly told me, "It's great it's finally here... too bad it's the Florida stuff." Well Dan... that's why you'll have to bring some back from wonderful Clearfield (home of the stuffed pork chop) next time yr up there...and we can compare.
UPDATE! Dan Reilly checked in with an additional quote. "4 out of 5 Amish love the LAGER"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Punk Rock Jukebox #1

BLACK FLAG "Thirsty and Miserable"
Licorice Pizza promo ep that Unicorn Records put out to promote Damaged. 500 were pressed and given away for free.
I just scored on EBAY. Getting this record was a long time coming. Funny, the economy ...being what it is now... alot of punk and KBD (Killed By Death) records are going cheap.
My Flag collection is now complete.
SST Records and Unicorn Records jointly manufactured the “Thirsty and Miserable”/”Life of Pain” single as a tool to help promote the upcoming DAMAGED album. One thousand copies were made and given to Licorice PIzza, a record store chain in southern California. Licorice Pizza employees were told to give the records away to anyone who might be interested. After the promotion period was over, there were still quite of the records left, which the stores promptly THREW IN THE THRASH. Nobody really knows for sure how many were disposed of and how many exist today. The original had no picture sleeve or packaging of any kind. You can see what the original label's look like here. You’ll notice that the “Thirsty and Miserable” is credited to Medea, D. Cadena and Robo. I’m sure you know who D. Cadena and Robo are, but Medea might be a bit of a mystery. Medea is the name of Greg Ginn’s old girlfriend. Not sure exactly what her contribution to this song is. “Thirsty and Miserable”/”Life of Pain” single was the first Black Flag release with Henry Rollins on vocals. The bonus song is a never-released version of “Spray Paint” with Dez on vocals. It was recorded in 1981 as part of the DAMAGED demos. An unreleased version of “American Waste” also exists from this session. The other songs from the DAMAGED demos later turned un on “Everything Went Black”.”

Boston Brewings ... something good? look.

This is gonna be a year round release coming in January.

Your taste buds have spoken! As part of the 4th Annual Samuel Adams
Beer Lover's Choice program over 50,000 of you tasted the two worthy contestants
- Samuel Adams® Blackberry Witbier and Samuel Adams® Coffee Stout - and cast
your votes. The voting was close but as with most contests there can only be one
winner. We are pleased to announce (drum roll please) that Samuel Adams
Blackberry Witbier will be the next addition to the Samuel Adams family of
beers. We brewed this traditional witbier with orange peel and coriander, and
then added a hint of blackberry. The flavor is very complex with malt and cereal
notes, intense spice and citrus flavors and a smooth, sweet/tart finish. It will
be available in January in its own 6-pack and in the Samuel Adams® Brewmaster's
Collection Variety 6 & 12-packs.

From the Sam Adams Brewsite.

Back again to really screw it up

Well. I've done pretty bad... but consistent here on my football picks. The last 2 weeks i've gone 7/14. 50% ... that's almost as good as a monkey can randomly pick.
So here goes again.
1. Dallas/Tampa Bay ... THE BUCCANEERSX
2. Washington/Detroit ... THE REDSKINSX
3. Buffalo/Miami... THE BILLSX
4. St. Louis/New England...THE PATRIOTSX
5. Kansas City/New York... THE JETSX
6. Atlanta/Philadelphia ... THE FALCONSX
7. Oakland/Baltimore ... THE RAVENSX
8. Arizona/Carolina ... THE PANTHERS X
9.Cleveland/Jacksonville ...THE JAGUARS X
10. Cincinnati/Houston ... THE BENGALS X
11. New York/Pittsburgh ... THE GIANTS X
12.Seattle/San Francisco ...THE SEAHAWKS X
13. Indianapolis/Tennesee... THE COLTS X
14. San Diego/New Orleans... THE SAINTS X
UPDATE TUESDAY... hey! i went 9/14 this week. gotta love that. i also booked my flight to go see the Titans vs DA BEARS at Soldier Field in 2 weeks. whoo hoo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore DEAD. Long Live Dolemite!

"Rudy Ray Moore, the comedian whose style, swagger and downright salacious subject matter made him a cult figure in the world of hip-hop, died on Sunday of complications from diabetes at the age of 81.
Moore starred in dozens of films but is best known for 1975's "Dolemite," a low-budget mix of kung fu and bawdy humor that he wrote, produced and starred in as the titular wisecracking pimp. The film was a huge hit, spawned many knockoffs (not to mention a few sequels of its own) and was declared — many years later, of course — to be "the 'Citizen Kane' of blaxploitation films
" by The New York Times.
This kinda bummed me out all day. Good thing I tapped the Bishop in the keg. huh?


It's almost Halloween. That means this friday... if you live in Minnesota... Surly's is releasing

NO. I've never had it. YES. I've heard amzing things about it.

http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/13014/33127 There's BEER ADVOCATE's take on the beer. ... and here's Surly's take on the party they are planning. http://www.surlybrewing.com/index.php They are calling it "D-DAY"


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Wooden Head Pale Ale.


Wow. It's really over the top. The SECOND beer by Burnt Hickory Brewing...based slightly on a over hopped California Pale Ale... It's more like a Super Bitter English Ale. I can't say this is exactly what i was going for, But i'm not really upset with it.

The first thing I got when I opened a bottle last week...was GRAPEFRUIT. I've had a citrus taste before in beers... but this was new. Net research claims that the grapefruit smell and taste is normal for ales hopped with tons of Chinook and Simcoe hops. True. I used 4 Hops very LIBERALLY in this brew.
1. Cascade. off the top.. 2 0z
2. Centennial . off the top as well... 1 0z
3. Chinook . thru the boil 1 oz
4. Cascade . at end. 2 0z
5. Simcoe . Dry hop. 1 0z

looking back now... wow... for a light malt FULL mash homebrew.. i may have overdone it. The Malt balance i wanted is not really there.

Today I popped another bottle and tapped the keg. I was more happy with it. The grapefruit is there... but more buried.. and the beer has a real Pilsner Urquell stingy bitterness. It's hoppy... but not a sweet hop... a strong grass/flower blast.

I think in the future... i'll rework OLD WOODEN HEAD to be more MALT driven.... and use only Cascade Hops.

Appearance is Cloudy. It maybe leftover from the boil... more irish moss needed i'd say. The warmer it gets... the clearer it gets as well

Head retension is good. The bottled version is dead one... another HUZZAH for Cooper's Carbonation Drops. The Keg version is highly carbonated... controllable but i think i shot it a bit HOT.

Happy? Hell yes... it's my beer and it's good. Bottom line.

named for John Bell Hood. General and Confederate Hero at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Nicknamed "OLD WOODEN HEAD" by his troops by his stubborn actions on the battlefield.

5 Gallons made. 3 kegged 2 bottled.


The Brewmeister's PICKS Week 10/19

Okay. Nothing's better than a Dangerhouse 45 than the NFL huh?
Last week, I got killed in my picks. I took Da Bears over the Falcons. What was I thinking? I also took over The Redskins the Rams!
OVERALL: I went 7 out of 14. Damn!
San Diego / Buffalo ..... THE BILLS X
New Orleans/Carolina ..... THE SAINTSX
Minnesota/Chicago...... DA BEARS!X
Pittsburgh/Cincinnati.... THE STEELERS X
Tennessee/Kansas City..... THE TITANS X
Baltimore/ Miami .... THE DOLPHINS X
San Francisco/New York ..... THE GIANTS X
Dallas/St. Louis .... THE COWBOYS X
Detroit/Houston .... THE LIONS X
Indianapolis/Green Bay .... THE COLTS X
New York/Oakland.... THE JETS X
Cleveland/Washington .... THE REDSKINS X
Seattle/Tampa Bay... THE BUCCANEERS X
Denver/ New England... THE BRONCOS X
ok. Fingers Crossed.
UPDATE 7:45 pm. so far i'm not doing so great this weekend. i must be drunk!
UPDATE 11:34 pm MONDAY. 7 out of 14 again. at least I'm consistent at sucking ass.

Great American Beer Fest Results.

The Great American Beer Fest is held in Denver every year. Anyone who reads a six pack container knows it's pretty important stuff to put the news of a medal win right up front to help drive that sale from the liquor store cooler.

The Full results are here. http://beertown.org/
Here's what I noticed.

DOGFISH HEAD's Red and White got first place in the "Specialty " Beer category. While the Palo Santo Marron got a third.

SWEETWATER's Motorboat got a SECOND in the ESB category.

This is Sweetwater's first win in a long time. Dogfish Head never seems to do well here... but these are both big wins for these breweries. Maybe Sweetwater will now make Motorboat a year round beer.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

GAMMA RAY is here.

A sighting... and a purchase. Grabbed two 220z's at Sherlock's on Barrett Parkway this week. I haven't tasted it yet. I'm waiting for the weekend. At 11% alcohol, I'm figuring I'd better block out some time to enjoy this one.
"So and go figure…. my latest “side Project” beer , the Gamma Ray, is the biggest beer in terms of alcohol that has ever come out of the Terrapin Brewery. Not only that, it’s a WHEAT BEER! Brewed with 50% wheat, a handful of Munich malt and 700 lbs of Tupelo and Sourwood honeys from Savannah Bee Company, is beer is sure to make you smile. I hope you enjoy the newest audition to the “Side Project” series of beers. “Gamma Ray” The beer that melts your face off! Spike"
From the Terrapin Website.

GET OUT THE VOTE! (beer style)

Located in the rolling hills of central southern Wisconsin is the New Glarus Brewery. It's beers are amazing... they are wonderful...they are only available within a 30 mile radius of the brewery. (true or not... that's what i was told...and i haven't seen it anywhere outside that "ring")
Well... They are building a new brewery down the highway about a mile...and plan to up the output. Problem is... with so many great beers... what do they make?
They are looking for people to get out and make a statement this election year...and VOTE. (for what beers they will make in 2009!)

More on The "Real" FIGHTING BISHOP

Gen. Leonidas Polk's Headquarters State Historical Marker
Located on
Burnt Hickory Rd. one mile west of Carnes Rd. in Cobb County, Ga


G.W. Hardage house; June 10-14, 1864 After
withdrawing his corps from Lost Mtn. June 9, Polk's H'dq'rs. [CS] were at the
John Kirk house 1 mi. W. on this rd. June 10, h'dq'rs. were moved to Hardage

Sun. June 12. The Bishop-General read the church service (Episcopal)
for his staff, escort, and the Hardage family.

June 14. Polk rode with Johnston, Hardee & others to Pine Mtn. to inspect Bate's [CS] line at that advanced outpost. While there, Polk was killed by a Federal shell.

taken from http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/gahistmarkers/leonidaspolkshqshistmarker.htm


FIGHTING BISHOP first "official" tasting.

Broke open one of the pub bottles. I haven't bottled my beer in a long time so this was kind of an adventure. I decided about 4 years ago to keg ...a great decision for any homebrewer who is tired of the smell of chlorine from the bottle washing task. I've been carbonating not through priming with sugar but force carbonating with the C02 canister. That has always worked great.
For the Bishop...(and Old Wooden Head.... beer #2...info coming) I bottled from the keg with a pressurized tube and tap. Worried... flat beer is NOT good... I added a Cooper's carbonation drop. A measured cough drop size shot of sugar... that is supposed to rev up the yeast.
So... popping open the FIRST Bishop... I heard the GASP...and rush of carbonation. Head development was good... poured well. Dark Amber color... mostly clear. Smell of barley and a chocolate mix. Taste... chocolate... Belgian sweetness.. it's ok. It could stand another week or two of conditioning.... But I'm happy.

The Fighting Bishop ABBEY STYLE ALE


Abbey Style Ale.

The first release by the Burnt Hickory Brewing Company.

Named for a real "Fighting Bishop", General Leonidas Polk, this brew is a Abbey Style ale. With hop shortages as they are, I substituted most of the called for European pellets with American versions. I also used over 12 lbs of several barley malts in this limited 5 gallon run.
Available: 3 gallons KEGGED. 2 gallons BOTTLED (22oz)


Leondias Polk was an ordained minister and quite the warrior at the time of the outbreak of the Civil War.
A graduate of West Point and eventually the man who set up The University of the South in Sewnee TN, Polk was a seasoned Confederate general by the time he got to the battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain in June of 1864

"A second round struck nearby and the third round
entered Polk through an arm, passing through his chest and exiting through the
other arm. He was dead. Johnston stood over the man who had baptized him earlier
in the campaign and cried. One of the few men who had little use for Rebels, and
even less for the clergy was Gen. Sherman, who in a tersely worded statement
sent to Gen. Halleck, "We killed Bishop Polk yesterday and have made good
progress today..."

The site where that "second round struck" is about a mile from the brewery here. Inspired by the story... THE FIGHTING BISHOP is a "Hellish Blend of Belgian Yeast and Malt"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonidas_Polk for more info on General Polk.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennesaw_Mountain_National_Battlefield for more on the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stoned in Georgia

The Stone Brewery products have made it to Georgia and I couldn't be happier. The Southern California based brewery is known for some of the better craft brews out there.

The Arrogant Bastard ale and the Ruination Double IPA are in my mind the flagship beers of this brewer. Available now at most liquor stores that I've been in lately...it's hard not to leave the establishment without a 220z or a six pack.

CONS? Stone is pricey. The Ruination 6 pack is 13.99 on average. You don't have to be a religious beer buyer to know that's steep. Worth it? Yes? Really? Maybe.



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