Saturday, July 16, 2011

9353 beer.

Washington DC's greatest band (forget ANGEL, Minor Threat and The Bad Brains). 9353 were one of the true innovators of post punk and sound manipulation. SEE VIDEO!

thanks to Bruce Miles Hellington.. the singer.. for the OKAY. It's limited and will be bottled soon.

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More promos.. and the label for the Ezekiel's Wheel pale ale. Remember, this is a rarely updated blog page... so to get the real story .. folo us on FACEBOOK

The GERMS BEER! almost ready!

The Germs beer. Thanks to Bill from White Flag... and or course Don Bolles from The Germs. LIMITED.. not for sale.. a Blueberry Ginger Saison. it's freaking PURPLE!

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The Falcon gets an OVERHAUL

Our original BREW SYSTEM... seen here on the left .. is getting updated. The welder is updating.. and there is the flow chart for the wort worked out. Very excited. Remember this is a blog rarely updated... for the full story... check our FACEBOOK


Hey so... the Mudhoney beer is done. Limited Tribute for the band. Remember this is a blog that is rarely updated. Stay in Touch on our FACEBOOK page


SO we havew NEW art. Mark Dancey (of Motorbooty and Big Chief) fame has hooked us up!

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