Thursday, January 29, 2009


Antidote "Thou Shall Not Kill" 1983. Classic NYC HC. A record from my collection... uploaded here ..
"This record is the blueprint for good NYHC: fast, pissed, and tough in a raging
punk rock way (not that polished gangster thug bullshit that would come later).
There's not a bad song on here, just straight thrash with a few short leads and
gang choruses. "Real Deal" and "Something Must Be Done" are both over the top
anthems, the latter featuring a rocking mosh riff that's fast enough to not be
cheesy. The only questionable thing about this EP is the lyrics to "Foreign Job
Lot," which somewhat ambiguously refers to "aliens from another land" taking "US
jobs." At least in "Nazi Youth" they took care to cross out the swastikas
scrawled around the vague lyrics, but "Foreign Job Lot," an otherwise great song
expressing confusion and outrage at the lot of the working class, is tainted
with those opening xenophobic lines. You never know how literally or seriously
to take early punk. Songs like "White Minority," "Guilty of Being White," or
"Los Angeles" all bring up similar issues. All problems aside, this record is
amazingly good and worth tracking down in bootleg form (who really needs the
Krishna artwork in full color?).
The Above is from the amazing KFTH site. THANKS!!


Who's yr favorite Steeler? mine? Jack Ham! Part of the Legendary STEEL CURTAIN.
So... Let's go Steelers. (anyport in a storm... they are like #10 on my fave team list... but Arizona is like 23... so I pick the Steelers!)

BIGFOOT in Georgia

YES! The legendary monster of the woods...has been spotted again in Georgia. Sierra Nevada's BIGFOOT barleywine in on shelves in my neck of the woods.
ALSO.... Sierra Nevada is filling up the stores here of late. In the last 3 months... I've seen the WET HOP HARVEST... CELEBRATION ALE.... BIGFOOT.... the ESB....and today in Kennesaw at Total Beverage.. I got the amazing TORPEDO IPA. It's an awesome beer as well.
I'm just SOOO full of love for the brewers in Chico.. huh? Well, they've been a serious player in the American craft brewers world for over 20 years now. hardcore.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Terrapin DOS COCOAS ... chocolate beer

Terrapin does number 4 in their side project series. it's ok. i posted a youtube "video review" i found.

i think the dude likes it.

more power to terrapin!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Most Punk Moment of ALL time?


Fear on Saturday Night Live. 10/31/81

Unbelievable. Mind you this is 1981. Not only is this a California band live in New York (Ving gives a saying it's great to be in "New Jersey") ...but the stage divers were from DC. (mackaye,nelson,rollins) and met up with NYC (joseph,flanagan)...and it was a meeting of the punk of the 70's with the future of hardcore in the 80's. a true seminal moment. no joke... it may be a true punk defining moment.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stone Brewery. California...via Belgium?

Got this today in Kennesaw. A Belgian IPA? whew... oh wait it's from Stone. oh wait... i'll get back with a review after i have one.

Football. I'm crawling out from underneath a hole.

well damn. 1967. minus 35... Packers Cowboys. Now that's cold. 

My picks have been slack. I really got hammered ... some teams I like (the Falcons) were amazing...and others..(the Bears) were BLAH.

I do still feel the need to pick.

1. Cardinals VS. Eagles.   PHILADELPHIA.  c'mon... The Phillies did it this year? why not the Eagles. 

2. Ravens/Steelers.  The Baltimore Ravens will never be that... a team from Baltimore... that legacy died with the Colts. I'm sorry... i can't warm up to the Ravens. I tried... but I can't. I wish I could... i just think Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis cannot be my Lydell Mitchell or my Jim Parker. I'm sorry.

so... STEELERS. pains me so... i hate the STEELERS... like I hate the 1974 Oakland A's or the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. 

UPDATE... 700pm sunday. well... the eagles almost did it... so far i'm blowing it again

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back for the first time.

Ok... so i was accused of being "lame". ok. i admit. with holidaze...and a huge work project....any time spent blogging wouldve been met with a resounding round of "get back to work!"
I wish i was brewing...or buying records. In my other career i'm a videographer and non linear editor...and well... i was off doing that. (and drinking some beer. namely New Glarus Wisconsin Red...that's another story!)
anyway ...i did cover a huge Bigfoot sighting in North Georgia... it's on YOUTUBE.


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