Saturday, November 28, 2009


Okay... Sorry Mr. Siphon... yr OUT. (okay... so is the picking up the brew keggle and lifting it up to drain it in to the carboy.) I'm experimenting with a new beer sculpture i'm putting together and will be posting pics soon.

GUEST BEER Thanksgiving Style

Happy Thanksgiving from the Burnt Hickory Brewery. That said.... Here's my GUEST BEER.
NEW GLARUS Belgian Red. A beer so good... it's almost impossible to imagine!
Only problem? Don't try to sell it in a bar in NYC. NEW GLARUS SPOTTED COW BUST!

Friday, November 13, 2009

GUEST BEER. Bell's Two Hearted Ale.

Michigan's Bells Brewery ships their NUMBER ONE to GA. I've smuggled this back from Wisconsin for years... Like Dogfish...etc... GA is now getting the beer we deserve. This is a major one. Sightings at Tower on Piedmont.. and a confirmation that Savannah Distribution had it.. so seek it out.

the NEW Old Wooden Head UPDATE

okay... the limited Old Wooden Head is in bottles. Trying for a Barleywine style... my gravity was off... lower... so... okay... in the secondary i add plugs of Chinook and Centenial and end up with one the best OWH's yet. (This is try #5 at a decent recipe... and this is the first one i've liked.)
past OWH's. 1. Fall 2008. Grapefruit... and cloudy. no balance. 2. Spring 2009... Good. some oxidation... 7 % ABV. 3. Summer 2009... Skunky and skunky sweet... major oxidation... 4. Fall 2009... the lost batch... gooey oily... yellow cloudy... it's on tap here at the house... but i think it's going into bottles.. and forgotten... 5. Fall 2009... the latest.


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