Monday, December 1, 2008

The Mid East Coaches Tour CURSE!

Well Damn. I went on a video shoot with my lil' HD Cam over the summer. Following 5 NCAA coaches on a meet and greet tour with the US Troops in UAE/Bahrain/Qatar and aboard the USS Nassau in the Persian Gulf. It was a great experience and I shot some pretty compelling images during the trip. It was awesome for a was great for the troops.... being able to get autographs with the likes of Charlie Weis... Mark Richt... and (seen above) Tommy Tuberville. Now.. the bad part... the seasons for the coaches who went on the trip has been less than stellar. In some cases... almost job ending.

1. Charlie Weis. Lord... it has been HELLISH in the Irish camp.
2. Mark Richt. beat by Alabama. Florida and GA Tech. Not a great season for a team that entered the BCS at number 1
3. Tommy Tuberville. after holding up SEVEN fingers... (see pic above) to mike light of a flag football victory in the Middle East...(the image above is from my video)... He gets killed by 'Bama in the Iron Bowl...
4. Yale's Jack Sieldecki.... loses the biggest game of the year to Harvard
5. Randy Shannon is coming off ok... with a ton of losses... even to GA Tech.


Curses are REAL!

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