Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Courageous Conductor Disaster of 2009

The Porter has made it's way to the secondary. The gravity's are in line. OG 1055... now.. 1008.
But... ok...a carboy blowoff over night... then a crack in the carboy... a leak... lord... it's gonna be a wash out i bet... but... the Recipe is solid...and i still have faith... if not in this batch...another.

Here's something from Wiki about William Allen Fuller... "The Courageous Conductor"

"William Allen Fuller (April 15, 1836December 28, 1905) was a conductor on the Western & Atlantic Railroad during the American Civil War era. He was most noted for his role in the 1862 Great Locomotive Chase, a daring espionage mission and raid conducted by non-uniformed personnel of the Union Army in northern Georgia. Fuller's determined pursuit prevented the Federals from driving a stolen train north to Tennessee and the Union lines."

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