Saturday, September 25, 2010


okay.. alot of hype here of late. I don't want to piss anyone off.. in ANY way... at all. We .. are an ADVANCED HOMEBREWERY... that meaning.. we are making beer... for our consumption.. and SHARING with bands that i have connected with on facebook. No $$$ is made by me in ANYWAY... and i would NOT make any $$$ on any band... these beers are meant as a TRIBUTE.. and a learning curve for me.... the brewery is lookining into going PRO here in the next 6 mos. GA law is very hard.. and very difficult to get a brewery going... so wish us luck... buy MUSIC from the bands we promote.. and folo us on FACEBOOK. okay?

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AT said...

Hey Scott-

I do a beer column called Brewtal Truth for Decibel Magazine and I was hoping to maybe do a quick interview with you about your blog and, well, your beers. Could you email me at so_long1 at yahoo dot com?



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