Saturday, September 25, 2010


Boyd Farrell of the amazing DC rock act BLACK MARKET BABY... plans to drink the BHB's "Strike First" Cream Ale.. as he watches his beloved Redskins lose all season long.

TESCO VEE.... a millionaire who owns a mansion and a yacht... loves the BHB.. We made this man a brown ale... TOOLIN for ALE-NUSS... and i couldnt be happier... he's the brains behind the birth of midwest hardcore... (okay.. maybe the NUTS... behind... but still)... his BOOK... is brilliant. I hope you all know how genius the early Touch and GO releases were in the scheme of what we now call PUNK in the USA. (well.. ha... "punk"? .. not really... in Green Day/Warped Tour standards... but know..this man was THERE.)

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