Thursday, January 29, 2009


Antidote "Thou Shall Not Kill" 1983. Classic NYC HC. A record from my collection... uploaded here ..
"This record is the blueprint for good NYHC: fast, pissed, and tough in a raging
punk rock way (not that polished gangster thug bullshit that would come later).
There's not a bad song on here, just straight thrash with a few short leads and
gang choruses. "Real Deal" and "Something Must Be Done" are both over the top
anthems, the latter featuring a rocking mosh riff that's fast enough to not be
cheesy. The only questionable thing about this EP is the lyrics to "Foreign Job
Lot," which somewhat ambiguously refers to "aliens from another land" taking "US
jobs." At least in "Nazi Youth" they took care to cross out the swastikas
scrawled around the vague lyrics, but "Foreign Job Lot," an otherwise great song
expressing confusion and outrage at the lot of the working class, is tainted
with those opening xenophobic lines. You never know how literally or seriously
to take early punk. Songs like "White Minority," "Guilty of Being White," or
"Los Angeles" all bring up similar issues. All problems aside, this record is
amazingly good and worth tracking down in bootleg form (who really needs the
Krishna artwork in full color?).
The Above is from the amazing KFTH site. THANKS!!

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