Friday, January 16, 2009

Football. I'm crawling out from underneath a hole.

well damn. 1967. minus 35... Packers Cowboys. Now that's cold. 

My picks have been slack. I really got hammered ... some teams I like (the Falcons) were amazing...and others..(the Bears) were BLAH.

I do still feel the need to pick.

1. Cardinals VS. Eagles.   PHILADELPHIA.  c'mon... The Phillies did it this year? why not the Eagles. 

2. Ravens/Steelers.  The Baltimore Ravens will never be that... a team from Baltimore... that legacy died with the Colts. I'm sorry... i can't warm up to the Ravens. I tried... but I can't. I wish I could... i just think Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis cannot be my Lydell Mitchell or my Jim Parker. I'm sorry.

so... STEELERS. pains me so... i hate the STEELERS... like I hate the 1974 Oakland A's or the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. 

UPDATE... 700pm sunday. well... the eagles almost did it... so far i'm blowing it again

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