Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beer Out Of Town!

BEERS I had while in NW Illinois over the weekend.
Nothing is better than going to an area that actually HAS beer I've been meaning to try.
here's what i had.
1. Sprecher's PIPER scotch ale. see pic above... it was solid.
2. Goose Island IPA ... yes. good.
3. New Holland's Mad Hatter's IPA ... tangy baby.
4. Moylan's Kilt Kicker Scotch ale... again... good stuff.
5. Three Floyd's Gumballhead... never heard of it... but liked it like all Three Floyds' stuff.
6. Bell's Oberon ... great to see Bell's in Chicago again.. coming to GA soon.. I hear.
Going to Delaware for Tgiving. It's a Dogfish Head throwdown!

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