Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brewmeister's Picks... kinda late.

HEY... here was my view as I froze and watched the TITANS .... beat the BEARS on sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago.

My picks were done last thursday... i just didnt get a chance to post them cos i was travelling. here they are...and i did pretty well. 10/14! a personal high!

1 Denver/Cleveland .... The Browns x
2. Tennessee/Chicago... The Bears X
3. Jacksonville/Detroit ... The Jaguars X
4. Baltimore/Houston ... The Ravens X
5. Buffalo/New England ... The Patriots X
6. New Orleans/ Atlanta ... The Falcons X
7. Seattle/Miami ... The Dolphins X
8. Green Bay /Minnesota... The Packers X
9. St. Louis/New York... The Jets X
10. Carolina/Oakland... The Panthers X
11. Indianapolis/Pittsburgh... The Colts X
12. Kansas City/San Diego X
13. New York/Philadelphia X
14. San Francisco/Arizona X

whoo hoo! see ya next week!

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