Friday, November 14, 2008

Merry Freaking Xmas.

Hey. This was outside GREENS' on Ponce two days ago. Guess what I got.

The piney not so winey Anchor Christmas is here.

Of course... I had to drink one as soon as I got home. (No... I've never drank a beer in the car...while I was the driver ok?).

Another awesome addition to the Anchor stable of year after year legacy beers.

Cheers and Merry Xmas...6 weeks early.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, so which came first-- Television Addict, or Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks? Their refrains are somewhat similar.

Burnt Hickory Brewery said...

orgasm addict was about the same time. i know howard devoto co wrote the song ... and he left the band (to form Magazine in late 77).

OA is not on the classic spiral scratch EP... but is considered the first Buzzcock's 45 (according to the Singles Going Steady tracklist)

but... hey .. it's australian.

PS.. my orgasm addict 45 is worth about 30.00 ... my television addict 45 ... 400.00.

just saying.


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