Monday, May 18, 2009

...and the Winner is.... WHA?

Well... Get this... the 2009 Brewmaster's Open of Alpharetta was this weekend. Homebrewers from all over the South sent in their entries...and the Judges have named... yes... The Courageous Conductor the Silver Medalist in the Porter category!

Table 12 - Porter (12 Entries)
1 . Bob Carlton, Brewmasters of Alpharetta Alpharetta,GA
BrewDepot Porter
2. Scott Hedeen, The Burnt Hickory Brewery Acworth,GA
The Courageous Conductor

3.Nick Hudson, Carboy Junkies Birmingham,AL

Chocolate Rye Porter
ok.. the rest of my children... went un rewarded.. but i'm just SO happy for this "aling ale" to get some recognition!

Here's a history of all the trauma this beer went thru to get this award.
1. Extreme Blowoff and clogged airlock... went uncovered for 2 day during primary! (i was away for the weekend!)
2. Auto Siphon broke... had to manual siphon... i literally SUCK... no pun... at that.
3. The Carboy for secondary cracked open when i placed it on the tile floor... i lost about a half of a gallon of beer.. huge mess... had to quickly transfer to new carboy (good thing i clean my carboys really well... after i empty them!)... it aerated... it was in trouble.
To think.....i even debated throwing it away!
anyway... congrats to the other winners...and here's to next year!

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