Thursday, October 16, 2008


FIGHTING BISHOP first "official" tasting.

Broke open one of the pub bottles. I haven't bottled my beer in a long time so this was kind of an adventure. I decided about 4 years ago to keg ...a great decision for any homebrewer who is tired of the smell of chlorine from the bottle washing task. I've been carbonating not through priming with sugar but force carbonating with the C02 canister. That has always worked great.
For the Bishop...(and Old Wooden Head.... beer coming) I bottled from the keg with a pressurized tube and tap. Worried... flat beer is NOT good... I added a Cooper's carbonation drop. A measured cough drop size shot of sugar... that is supposed to rev up the yeast.
So... popping open the FIRST Bishop... I heard the GASP...and rush of carbonation. Head development was good... poured well. Dark Amber color... mostly clear. Smell of barley and a chocolate mix. Taste... chocolate... Belgian sweetness.. it's ok. It could stand another week or two of conditioning.... But I'm happy.

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