Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Brewmeister's PICKS Week 10/19

Okay. Nothing's better than a Dangerhouse 45 than the NFL huh?
Last week, I got killed in my picks. I took Da Bears over the Falcons. What was I thinking? I also took over The Redskins the Rams!
OVERALL: I went 7 out of 14. Damn!
San Diego / Buffalo ..... THE BILLS X
New Orleans/Carolina ..... THE SAINTSX
Minnesota/Chicago...... DA BEARS!X
Pittsburgh/Cincinnati.... THE STEELERS X
Tennessee/Kansas City..... THE TITANS X
Baltimore/ Miami .... THE DOLPHINS X
San Francisco/New York ..... THE GIANTS X
Dallas/St. Louis .... THE COWBOYS X
Detroit/Houston .... THE LIONS X
Indianapolis/Green Bay .... THE COLTS X
New York/Oakland.... THE JETS X
Cleveland/Washington .... THE REDSKINS X
Seattle/Tampa Bay... THE BUCCANEERS X
Denver/ New England... THE BRONCOS X
ok. Fingers Crossed.
UPDATE 7:45 pm. so far i'm not doing so great this weekend. i must be drunk!
UPDATE 11:34 pm MONDAY. 7 out of 14 again. at least I'm consistent at sucking ass.

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