Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fighting Bishop ABBEY STYLE ALE


Abbey Style Ale.

The first release by the Burnt Hickory Brewing Company.

Named for a real "Fighting Bishop", General Leonidas Polk, this brew is a Abbey Style ale. With hop shortages as they are, I substituted most of the called for European pellets with American versions. I also used over 12 lbs of several barley malts in this limited 5 gallon run.
Available: 3 gallons KEGGED. 2 gallons BOTTLED (22oz)


Leondias Polk was an ordained minister and quite the warrior at the time of the outbreak of the Civil War.
A graduate of West Point and eventually the man who set up The University of the South in Sewnee TN, Polk was a seasoned Confederate general by the time he got to the battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain in June of 1864

"A second round struck nearby and the third round
entered Polk through an arm, passing through his chest and exiting through the
other arm. He was dead. Johnston stood over the man who had baptized him earlier
in the campaign and cried. One of the few men who had little use for Rebels, and
even less for the clergy was Gen. Sherman, who in a tersely worded statement
sent to Gen. Halleck, "We killed Bishop Polk yesterday and have made good
progress today..."

The site where that "second round struck" is about a mile from the brewery here. Inspired by the story... THE FIGHTING BISHOP is a "Hellish Blend of Belgian Yeast and Malt" for more info on General Polk. for more on the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

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