Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Don't Know DICK! (Yuengling ...That is!)

YUENGLING now in Atlanta Stores.
The classic central Pennsylvania brewery ...located on the same spot in Pottsville since 1829... has the title as America's Oldest Brewery. Long considered a "treasure " to have it here in Georgia... after trips up north ... It's on the shelves in Atlanta as of Monday the 27th.
I met Dick Yuengling on a visit to the brewery in 1993. Driving a 88 LeBaron up to the gate, the ancestor and still head of the biz, Yuengling invited my homebrewing pal and I into the factory. It was pretty cool... and well... the store was a pub...and t shirts were cheap...and the samples were 16oz and free. The brewery itself was an old red brick mansion built back into the mountains that surrounded the town... alot like the Elsinore Brewery from the now classic "Strange Brew".
That said... the beers that we will be drinking this week (and weeks to come) were not made in this galant palace of history... but in the newly purchased Stroh's brewery in Tampa. Made by Yuengling... but in Florida. It's a drag... a bit of a let down... but still.... it's ok.
The beers that i've read are here. The LAGER ...as is THE PREMIUM ....and the BLACK and TAN.
Reached today by cell phone, native PA resident...now Atlantan... Dan Reilly told me, "It's great it's finally here... too bad it's the Florida stuff." Well Dan... that's why you'll have to bring some back from wonderful Clearfield (home of the stuffed pork chop) next time yr up there...and we can compare.
UPDATE! Dan Reilly checked in with an additional quote. "4 out of 5 Amish love the LAGER"


the might d.r. said...

it's kind of sad actually....the mystique that once was yuengling....everyone in the south hearing about this mighty brew from PA, but never being able to indulge, except for the few bottles smuggled south. i'll miss my smokey and the bandit runs from the north to south with a trunk full of lager...oh well, at least i can now find it at my local publix.....i'll always have my straub though!!! you suckas in da south will never get that!!!! fill the trunk with that fine st. mary's, PA, brew and i'll be southbound and down, loaded up and truckin!!! i'll have to leave some room for the finest stuffed pork chops this side of the mississippi!!! demcheck rules!

Burnt Hickory Brewery said...

Demchak. The Croatian Sensation.

Straubs? what about Stoney's?

the might DR is in the house. bitches.


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